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I don't have an ev anymore. I sold it before moving to I really want to do another one though. We have had some unexpected expenses though.

I've been doing a lot of deburging (holy cow the most recent software update on my cell phone insists on filling in the wrong words by default. I need a blender for this phone. Any time I depart from every day conversation words, it's a disaster). I'll just t y Pw and quit trying to fix it.

Ok, fixed an integer overflow problem in 2 places. The motor was spinning at 15 50 rim (there it goes again) at 72 volts dc. It is rated for 1400rpm (this piece of crap made me type 1400amp) at 680vdc. I think the back emf is a problem for smooth control when you refuse to weaken the field. Now I'm trying to figure how to smoothly know when field weakening is required. This may not be a major concern at higher voltage when the motor is heavily loaded and y Po u aren't near the peak rpm.
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