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The "3 box sedan" version (nhw10) *were* sold in Europe, but theres not very many of them.
The big advantage I think, is the fact almost nobody recognises it if you debadge it. I really don't like the gen2 and newer liftback shape, so I'd buy a nhw10 if I could find one that isn't gonna die on me or break something expensive like the transaxle.

I was looking at a nhw10 for sale, right around the corner. At a very sketchy car trade lot though, the kind that takes out the bulbs of the dash cluster if theres anything wrong, and won't let you make a test drive. (Let alone a test drive to another dealership to have it checked out before purchase.)

[edit:] wait, no, the NHW11 was sold here. Looks identical to the NHW10 though, forgive my confusion.

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