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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
I have to deal with someone like that regularly. What i do is state my case, give all the reasons to do it my way then drop the subject totally. About a week later they come back and want to start the debate again yet now they are arguing to do it the way i originally suggested and claim i wanted to do it the opposite way. When i first had dealing with this person i started questioning my own memory until some independent observers confirmed that the person had reversed their position.
So now it is a running joke for everyone who watches it happen. I just state my case and wait for them to adopt it as their own.
This gets the job done but does mean the person has the impression that i am always wrong and that they are always right.
Maybe i should become a cat herder instead.
I "Had" the same problem with a guy I work with. I started carrying one of those small recording devices and when ever I had "those" discussions with him I just recorded them. After the third time I referred to what he "actually said" verses what he "thought" he said, he oddly stopped arguing with me and started listening...

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