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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
However, one option (that might seem like a cop-out) for controlling a EV is to say "hey, I have another controller in this loop - the driver of the car." Maybe the driver can do something to deal with the speed control issue, and let the "motor men" deal with stuff like torque control so they can stop bickering... We're all used to this - the hill gets steeper, we push on the "go pedal" more. If we're aware of the issues involved, we may watch our resources - how hot is the motor getting?. In this case, it might be better to compromise and go slower rather than burn up our motor.
As I understand it, that's what is being done already.

The setpoint is a torque request, which is translated into Id and Iq. Vd and Vq are set based on what current you want. And current is proportional to torque (I know that's a simplification for the AC case ... but I think it helps the explanation)

Or perhaps I'm off base here. In order to set the current, I thought you had to keep increasing the speed until the output torque (current) is where the setpoint (accelerator pedal) asked it to be?
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