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Originally Posted by AlexanderB View Post
Li-ion is already safer than lipo, and I've never had a problem with those either. The problem is that good batteries are expensive new, and almost none are sold second hand..
Do you know these guys? Lots of interesting stuff (cells, BMS, chargers, etc) there, and not that expensive too. Just don't know anyone who dealt with them.
I was talking LiFePO4 not LiPO btw.

Originally Posted by AlexanderB View Post
Yeah, well.. no.
1: 5000 mAh 18650 cells don't exist, they just put a very optimistic label on a crap battery.
2: cheap 18650 batteries are usually pretty crap quality, high internal resistance, low capacity, short lifespan, or all of the above.
3: for the same (or lower) price, you can get the good cells out of "dead" laptop packs, they'll be high-quality cells, even if they're a little worn, and you have to sort the dead ones out from the good.
4: I should talk to the local recycling company to see if they can provide me with free laptop batteries. (They probably won't, but who knows.) Buying them overseas from ebay seems like a silly thing to do, even if they're cheap enough to be worth the effort.
I thought so, miniinthebox is dodgy in the reliability of data, if not the stuff itself. But I got some good cheap LED grids off them.
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