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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
I was talking LiFePO4 not LiPO btw.
I know you meant LiFePO4, I just meant to say Li-ion is already a step up from LiPO, and LiFePO4 is another step up.
Currently, none of the three chemistries is really affordable for me, if a battery pack is (far) above $1k per kwh (excluding BMS, Charger), the write-off alone is far more expensive than our already ridiculously taxed fossil fuel.

Recycled 18650's from ebay packs should be around $300-400/kwh (after discarding the bad and weakest cells), that puts it firmly in the realm of affordability.
It can be done even cheaper if you could source them local at scrap price, saving shipping halfway around the planet.

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Do you know these guys? Lots of interesting stuff (cells, BMS, chargers, etc) there, and not that expensive too. Just don't know anyone who dealt with them.
Never heard of them before, but looks interesting. Those 12V LiFePO4 blocks are about $460/kWh, thats a good deal, I think.

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