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You are correct freebeard, and I made sure he knew, although he did not believe what I told him until it came back and bit him.

That law actually appears to be one designed to protect inherently deceitful people. “IE” Those who will lie to your face and deny it, or deliberately rearrange what was said to favor themselves. Lawyers come to my mind...

Anyway I told him during lunch in front of other guys we work with, that I was going to start recording his “instructions” so that “I” would be sure and get it right next time. And he answered with, that would be a very good idea since mistakes are costly, which I also recorded.

The first time I played back his “instructions” he had made a very big screw up in telling me to order 1000 feet total of three quarter hose with standard “air” fittings on each 100 foot section. So I ordered ten, one hundred foot sections of three quarter air hose with CP fittings on each end. When the new air hose arrived he insisted that he told me “water hose” and also told the owner of the company that I had misunderstood him. So I played back what he actually said, the owner about died laughing.
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