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Originally Posted by duncan View Post
Hi Paul
I'm having to get this house ready for sale - at the same time as building the new one
But I am getting on a bit with the car
Changed the springs for lighter ones
100 Lbs/in - front
125 Lbs/in - rear
Finally fixed my speedo!

Now the controller - I'm making up the endplate for the low power end
Do I need the serial connection or is it all done through the Pickit?

I've downloaded the MPLAB software - and the manual - I will install it soon
still looks scary!
If you are happy with the software as Paul provides it than you don't really need the serial port. If you like to tweak the variables yourself, than that is done through the serial port using realterm.

Also Flores is working on a web based monitoring system that will use the serial port.

Glad to hear you are back working on the car. Looking forward to progress reports.

The MpLab looks scary because it is written for the tech savvy, but I did not find it too hard to work through.
  • Save the file Paul sends you to your harddrive
  • Click File than Open to open Paul's file.
  • Select dsPIC30F4011 from the pulldown menu for Device.
  • It asks you if you are sure you want to program a 5v device - click yes.
  • You should be able to select your pickit from the pulldown menu for Tool. ( I had to power on the controller to get this to work.)
  • Then push the program button.
A few seconds later you get a cryptic message that it is done.

Note these instructions are for MpLab rather than MpLabX. MpLapX is probably similar.

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