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The best option for your off-the-grid EV?

A turnkey EV autonomous renewable charger system, Envision Solar's EV ARC. A (still too expensive) 40K-55K setup but it is designed to collect, store electricity and to be totally independent from the grid (no powerplant carbon contribution). It does not require many regulatory installation requirements of a permanent & conventional charging station. It is designed to fit in a standard 9' x 16' parking spot. An adjustable tilt overhead solar panel roof is attached to a steel plate on the ground. No foundation required and could be easily relocated. The array collects electricity throughout the day to charge an integrated lithium-ion battery pack (fully charged, 22.5 kilowatt hours), serves also as ballast for the structure. The battery capacity may not fully charge but enough to 'top off' a typical EV. Plans from municipalities (Fed incentives expired) are offering grants and tax deductions could bring the price down and they even plan lease programs. Rationale, self-sustaining and independence. Envision Solar Corporate Overview on Vimeo

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