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Clutch torque to slip

Hey Thingstodo

The torque required to slip the clutch on my Mazda (clutch has 360K on it) is something I need to measure.. well, measure the DC going in and calculate about what the torque would be. I'll be using a netgain warp 11 (series DC motor) for that. Using 5th gear to ensure a large load on the motor. Limit the current to 100, 200, 300 ... 1100 amps and log times, rpm, currents, voltage sag, etc for perhaps 0 - 60 kph. When it starts to slip I'm told I'll be able to smell the clutch (sounds like a bad idea, but I have not heard a better one so far)

After the test (likely a few tests to verify that the smell comes back at about the same torque) I replace the clutch and the front axles for sure since they need replacing anyway. Plus anything I break during the test
I have measured the torque it takes to slip a clutch before on the bench. What you do is secure the flywheel you will be using to the bench with clamps or bolts or whatever. Then install the clutch disc and pressure plate and torque to spec. Then you get a splined shaft from a junk transmission and cut it off long enough for it to stick out past the pressure plate and weld a one inch nut to the cut off end.

Apply a torque wrench to the nut, pull the handle and watch the gauge.

Easy as that.

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