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Didn't do much today to the car other than cut some holes in it with a plasma cutter

I did stick a fence post inside the rocker to see if the tube would actually work.

The plan I have for the chassis seems like it will work good. I can just mount the main tube on the passenger side the way the car is sitting now then lay it on the other side and do the same thing to the drivers side. Once those bars are in place and locating the inner control arm mounting points. I can start cutting away the rest of the structure and building the chassis one part at a time. I still think once I get those main tubes installed I should lay a sheet of metal on the floor and weld the jackstands to it and also to the control arms so the car can't shift or move in any way as I cut the unibody away.

The rear will be easy.

I can leave that center piece alone and notch it to run a tube through and weld it onto the tube. Then the spare tire area can be cut away from it. Once that is done the rear is basically done, I just need a shock tower and spring perch. Then a U shaped pipe to replace the rear bumper. None of that will have to be really much precision though so that makes it much easier.

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