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Originally Posted by Cyruscosmo View Post
I have measured the torque it takes to slip a clutch before on the bench. What you do is secure the flywheel you will be using to the bench with clamps or bolts or whatever. Then install the clutch disc and pressure plate and torque to spec. Then you get a splined shaft from a junk transmission and cut it off long enough for it to stick out past the pressure plate and weld a one inch nut to the cut off end.

Apply a torque wrench to the nut, pull the handle and watch the gauge.

Easy as that.
That makes much sense. But my clutch is in the car now, and is coupled up and ready to go.

Perhaps I can remove the parts and do something like you describe after I get through my test. I thought the test was crude when I first read about it, but it's grown on me.

Not sure how I'd put the nut on the shaft, or find the junk transmission. But it sounds a LOT more accurate than what I will be doing.
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