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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm a fan of the Leaf, although I've only taken one for a 10min test drive. Hopefully they will be very cheap when the leases end. It looks like leasing is the most popular option, and it seems once the novelty wears off, many people switch back to a gasser. My hope is to replace one of my gassers for an EV in the next 3 years. Perhaps the new Tesla will be out by then. The shape of the Leaf bugs me because it looks weird, and isn't even that aero.
I test drove a used one for a couple miles, couldn't really do more as it only had ~8 miles of range left (how hard is it to plug in a car?). The silence was deafening even compared to my Prius. Seemed like a pretty good little car, but I totally agree about the looks. If it looks weird for aero, fine. If it looks weird just cuz, whyyyyy?

I would like our next car to be an EV. The Volt is the only option within our price range that would work for us with wanting to remain a one car household, nothing else can really be used as a road trip car. Unfortunately the used market for them is pretty much nonexistent around here. I guess the Prius and ebike will have to be good enough for the time being...
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