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Originally Posted by LeanBurn
....or we are just way far behind in 2014...
I think of it as we ran off the rails. I blame the WWII Army Jeep==>1949 Ford. The original design got kicked upstairs to Mercury. What was the Kustomizer's favorite car to chop? Not the Hudson.

sgtlethargic --

All the pioneering work came out of Zepplinwerks. It was a settled art by the 1930s, given their cultural preferences for fenders and bumpers and such. I prefer tha Graf Zepplin over the Hindenburg.

Possible the pinnacle was the 1946 Volhart-Saggita (there were two examples).

A recent windtunnel surprise, Volkhart V2 Sagitta

Here's a graphic kach22i posted in that thread:

Both it and the Porsche Type 64 have been tested in modern wind tunnels, which allows us to compare with more contemporary examples. For example The new VW XL-1 (a 2-pasenger vehicle like the two Porsches) has a Cd very close to that of the 4-passenger Volkhart-Sagitta.

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