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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I didn't hear the part about it having lithium batteries and figured it had lead acid since its "counter weighted" and looks like it needs tens of thousands of pounds of counter weighting.
Having lithium is even worse, its light, more expensive, LiFePO4 sucks in the cold (if that's what they are using) and its not currently recyclable...
To look at it the weight appears to be very near the supporting post. Maybe too near. So maybe when they say ballasted they don't mean just the batteries. Which i presume are housed in that big white box at the bottom of the supporting post. Maybe that large area that the car sits on is hollow and filled with water or something once on site.
They wouldn't put the batteries under the car would they? I would imagine the cold really getting to them if they were, the surface area is huge. Maybe some sort of heating to keep the batteries safe?
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