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Originally Posted by niky View Post
Used to think it was a shame to drive like a granny. Until I got a whole lot of driving time under my belt and started running around with some hardcore eco-drivers.

And you know who the most hardcore guys were? Racing drivers. To them, it was just another skill to master. Furthermore, the best of them are the smoothest... no abrupt acceleration, braking or lane changing. Maintaining perfect control and minimizing stress on the car are all part of the endurance racer's mindset.
You absolutely nailed it here. Someone who cannot drive to conditions is not someone who should ever brag, outwardly or implicitly in re themselves or their vehicle.

When I bought my truck, it was to achieve the most work with the longest life at the highest reliability with the lowest cost. One-trick ponies need not apply to meet those goals. Not the vehicle nor the operator.

I've had the "grandad" thing applied to me. I tell them that as I know my grandad could have outdriven any of them I'll take that as the compliment that it unwittingly was.

And let us examine that observation on the old. My observation ithat none of them ever gave any conscious thought to establishing good habits behnd the wheel decades earlier. Sure, one should back off with age and conditions encountered, but it is no excuse for mindlessness. They've simply not the energy to "drive like everyone else" (what the brain-dead call "keeping up with traffic") and never learned the laws or how to use them when staring out, and to renew that over time.

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