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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
no its not ready yet. I discovered the problem though. I'm using 6 surface mount drivers, and just noticed that I only soldered one side of one of them. haha. It was making intermittent contact.

clearly the motor must be broken, because it could never be something I did! haha

So, I have an ingenious plan to fix it. I'll solder it.

in fairness to me, they never mentioned that requirement in the datasheet.
LOL! I guess that *sorta* points to the design's robustness. That's a good thing!

Freebeard - yes, I've seen the video. It was a good review. This whole discussion I was attempting to bring up was trying to get folks to step back from the problem and **really** understand what was physically happening. I mean feel it. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at communicating, so the point was missed. I'm happy to see a couple folks understood my point, but they already knew what was going on...
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