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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm using both. desat would be a horrible pain, if not for an awesome little chip that is both a driver and desat detector (and isolated supply undervoltage protector!), all for $4 each. its only for 1200v 150amp igbts, but I added a current boost on the output using an npn pnp totem pole that was recommended in their datasheet. I think its the fod8316. I'm on my cell phone, and its a little hard to check. it drives 600v 600amp igbts no problem at 10khz.
Oh, the criminal that was not doing his job properly, I can guess

I cant stock those here in the UK, but a quick look shows the TI ISO5500DW and the Avago ACPL-339J-000E as possible replacements.

Do you have some unpopulated boards you could sell for these? looks like a fairly decent solution.

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