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I'm nearing completion of the resolver board layout.

Brief statistics: Board dimentions: 2.8" X 1.225"

87 components... I've managed to fit all this on a two layer board, with all the components on top for a toaster-oven surface mount solder job. Hopefully there isn't a noise interaction problem between this board and the main controller. If there is, I guess it could have a 4 layer board for some shielding, but they cost twice as much.

The main problem I'm having is how to solidly attach this board to the main board, in a vibrating environment.

There is a little space for something like a 3mm non-conductive screw & spacer in the gap between the logic and driver sections on the main controller board.

There also appears to be a bit of space on either side of the QEI connector for perhaps a latching connector or something like that??

I have found some 5 pin connectors that have latches, but no female sockets to go with them.

I'd like to have something more solid than one bolt holding this critical part to the control board. I guess I could machine something out of nylon or something... Or maybe simply use a pin header and solder both boards to the header. It would just be a RPIA to fix anything if something went wrong with either board.

Does anyone have some real creative and small ideas for fastening this thing? Maybe there are some svelt little clips?
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