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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
We have two options: 2.4 additional per kWh for the Green Start program, or 3.8 for the Mass Wind program.

We are paying (with NStar) 19.2 / kWh already. And that price is likely to go up by as much as 37% this winter.
Do you have to be enrolled in a "green" energy program, or is it optional? Your electric utility rate is more than double what I pay, and our power is already mostly renewable as it comes from hydro.

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Nissan uses the same odd styling on the Juke. I'm not convinced it does anything worthwhile.
The Tesla does not have them, and neither do so many other low drag cars.
That's my complaint with the Leaf. While I hardly care what a car looks like on the outside, considering I will spend 1% of my time looking at it, and 99% looking from within the cabin, there is no reason for it to look terrible AND not be aerodynamic.

In my opinion, the Tesla S is the best looking car on the market AND has a very respectable CD.

If metal has to be bent into a car-like shape, why not bend it in a way that is appealing to the eye, and advantageous to slipping through the air? It makes me wonder how much extra range, on average, lowering the CD by a single point would add to the Leaf. It could be the difference between the anxiety I would have driving from PDX to my parents house in Salem, and enjoying the journey.
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