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My stock 70hp engine wore out at 245,000 miles, and it was cheaper to replace it with a used 103hp engine from Japan than it was to rebuild the original engine. The new engine was more powerful than the original, but gave me the same mileage provided I didn't run it up into the higher rpms while accellerating. Before I aero modded it, my 0-60mph with the new engine was 10 sec, and I haven't done any timed 0-60 runs since I aero modded it. Since aero modding it, acceleration in the 60-100mph range is MUCH improved, acting as though the car had been given a significant horsepower boost and the faster I go, the more noticable this boost. The transmission is the stock CX/VX gearing.

I live on a dirt road and the washboarding hasn't caused anything to come loose in the 2 years I have been driving my car with the mods installed. Also no vibrations at high speed.
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