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EOCing problems

I have an '09 Sonata, 4 cyl, 5 spd. I have EOCed it using the ignition switch on a regular basis since new. It now has 110K on the clock. Last week, I did a typical EOC on a downhill stretch on the interstate. After popping it into 5th, I got a flashing CE light and it seemed to be running on 3 cylinders.

I pulled off at the next exit. Shut it off, restarted. No CE, running like new.


I have not EOCed it since.

Any ideas?

A few weeks ago I did get a solid CE light after an EOC while on cruise control. It ran fine during this stretch for a few miles. When I disengaged the cruise and lifted the throttle, the CE light cleared.

Would installing a FI cutoff switch possibly avoid these problems? I really should as 09 Sonata headlights go off with the ignition switch, making ignition switch EOCing at night kind of interesting.

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