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Still waiting on one charge pipe that I ordered last week. Then I can hook up to the A2A LP turbo intercooler. I decided to use my A2A intercooler for now to try and get this thing running before it gets to cool outside. I need to see where I'm at first from all the changes I made since the build. I will then send it to my welder and have him install the cage and do the final LP turbo scatter box and the A2W intercooler.

While I have the down time I have been working on my engine tuning/turbo compound spread sheet.

This is what I use to tune customers cars that have a standalone management system or a modified programmable ecu. With my turbo compound system I use this ss and a engine simulator plus BW's Match Bot program.
I'm working on making it user friendly because the way it sits now it would take a mad man to figure it out do to all the sub systems. lol
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