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Originally Posted by GK13 View Post
... where it won't look too bad?
People's tastes vary. Compare these two profiles:

Which do you prefer?

Regarding ability to turn the wheel: There are three issues

1. Will your steering move unobstructed inside your fairing?
2. Will your wheel fairing interfere strike, rub, or damage your body fairing?
3. Will your wheel fairing so strongly affect air flow that balance is upset?

The first two can only be solved by measurement and trial-and-error. Consider using cardboard, zip ties, and duct tape to avoid remaking expensive parts. Once you have a good shape, transfer dimensions to your final materials.

Issue three is problematic. The size and shape, and the interaction between fairings causes great variation in balance upset. Only actual testing will tell you if your solution is viable. It seems to be true that many avoid separate fairings, opting for only a body fairing, to avoid balance upset complications. However, note that the two images above both include two fairings. The very high speeds of the two machines, and the predominant need for straight-line operation (less steering), may explain the design choices.

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