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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
I find that most cruise controls only get you better fuel economy if your a "regular" driver or are on really flat hills. If it's got even low hills, it seems that more throttle is put on going up hills. CC is more of SC, or speed control, it puts on gas while going up hills so that your speed is constant, and lets off going down hill. If your a real ecomodder then you're probably good with your feet while driving and can hold a constant throttle without realizing it, whereas normal drivers fluctuate with the pedal. And it seems they also have trouble with their feet stop working while talking on a cell phone.

Cruise control IS a savior tho on road trips :thumbsup:
Cruise control on road trips down south is AMAZING. I can pull in really good mileage on the Focus. I'm not sure if I can do better simply because the distances are too great for me to have bothered trying, to be honest. However, in the mountains cruise control can drop me down to 26 MPG in a Focus, which is utter trash. Using my foot I can get back around 32 MPG but that's without any technique and driving way too quickly.

This sort of dedication to mileage is something I just never considered - maybe because I didn't think it would make sure a huge difference. Now I really want to start with the best habits that will boost me in the hills and work on physical modifications this summer on my own machine. CC isn't it for the mountains, though. I have a feeling peakster would have had some more interesting results on some good hills.
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