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One unfortunate part of having a rare car is the price of parts. A rear mount ran me $92, almost four times as much as the same mount in my Del Sol, though it is a genuine Honda part.

I have no idea what happened to the old mount, but it looks as if it was scraped, and possibly heated. When I got the car it was cracked badly but not completely broken, but that was enough to cause starting in first and reverse to have some herky-jerky. With the new mount in place this is very much diminished, though the mount is still very soft and still allows a fair amount of rubber banding when shifting or letting off the throttle. Stuffing a bit of soft foam in the gaps helped, but I might want to fill it with something a bit stiffer.

Removal was a pain in the ass. Though it was not recommended, I ended up unbolting the exhaust and moving it aside in order to get to the central bolt. In more northern states these bolts would almost certainly be rusted beyond removal, requiring the need to unmount the transmission bracket. The bolt going through the middle of the mount felt overtightened, and I wasn't able to get anything larger than a 12" breaker under the car. I ended up bracing myself against the trailing arms and pushing with both feet to get it moving. I couldn't imagine getting it apart without it being bolted to the car, and you need something like a crescent-breaker and a lift to get it off without unbolting the exhaust.

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