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Well i have come to report that sadly the truck is no more....(insurance told me flat out they are not covering it either so trying to find something else am making a new post with needs and to see if im overlooking cars and such as im sure i am with all the makes and models out there.... but heres what happened if your interested, sucks as i wasnt able to see the results of the grill block and Cherokee bumper swap.

Well it was the first day of my new job which is approx 1.3 hrs away from my current location. truck drove great there was really enjoying the ride minus the lack of power going up hills with all my tools and such in the back. Well work went alright a little overwhelming getting used to how things differ from my past experience at a auto repair shop. but after work i jumped into the truck sadly i had taken my very un updated gps so i didnt use it on the way back; which i think back may of saved my life as i got lost in the city. Well started smelling funky but i didnt think anything of it as i thought i had a clogged catalytic converter and the cab was full of holes....this ended very fast when i was stopped at a red light just about to pull out of town and i get a knock on the door "dude your trucks on fire".....was surprised stalled out and it restarted and i got it pulled off to the side of the road and thus you pretty much heard a pop and more flames shot out started to get in the interior as well my seats didnt get damaged miraculously but still sucks its gone as i am now having to use the wifes 88 volvo 240, which has been tuned a bit with a cam and such and gets 19mpg on a good day 20mpg. Till i find something i can afford after a few paychecks.

The aftermath:

the shots on the way to work last of them before the fire

of coarse my temp gauge was finally warming up better than hovering down there at C though i hear this is a problem with these trucks

The aftermath(seems like one of my injector o-rings was leaking or something around there, and im guessing the reduced airflow in the bay may not of helped but things got hot and then things go really hot..... go figure it leaves me so far from my home.)

sending her off to that junkyard in the sky

Do apologize i wish i got more pictures of the fire but i had to call and use my phone also why the pictures suck. Im just thankful for my life but now the search has started for the next car....
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