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Originally Posted by tyronasauras View Post
Racers accelerate through the later part of the corner and out of it to maintain max speed and momentum when FE is not a concern. For eco I think it is better to coast to the outside and delay accelerating until after the minimized turn scrubbing is complete and the wheels are straighter.
I've been playing with cornering techniques for eco since I last posted in here. Lots of playing with it. I have a pretty good system down now. It's not a "racing" system, but I used racing feel to come up with it. They do have some things in common, but for eco there are some tricks. You statement above is one of those tricks. It's a good "tool" to have in your "toolbox".

I am planning on writing something up, but it will be really time consuming and I have been slammed busy.

We just took delivery of one of these for some testing and product development which has been keeping me busy:

Yeah, I'm showing off a little! I really like the new car though. It makes my previous generation Mustangs feel like they were made with a nail gun. This one is like it was carved out of billet. It may not even be a muscle car anymore. It reminds me a lot of my friends Aston Martin Vantage, but a whole lot faster!

Also, some more minutia. This week I added some tape(actually a sticker strip from my postage stamp pack) to the top center of the steering wheel, ala NASCAR, lol.
It is amazing how much I now notice the amount of rowing and steering input I used. This has helped a bunch in minimizing the amount of input and over steering and correcting that I do. I was turning a bit too much, too soon and then over correcting. The tape really has helped my technique. I look further down the road now, like 200 yards and point the steering wheel there. It takes a moment, but the car finds its way there with less tire resistance and a much smoother ride
I love that piece of tape! I have it on all of my performance cars. It's amazingly helpful. And also is good if you do your own alignments.
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