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Hello -

Here is a revised version. The Re is 2,500,000, and the time is 40 seconds. All else is default First, I did a stock analysis on my SW2 :

1999 Saturn SW2 Aero-Analysis 2.5MB Re

After around 6 seconds, a "Virtual Kamm-Back" appears (at least that's what I call it). Then I did an analysis with a Kamm-Back based on MetroMPG's rain-drop example, ending at the bumper :

1999 Saturn SW2 + Kamm-Back Aero-Analysis 2.5MB Re

Finally, I went back to the first analysis and added the "Virtual Kamm-Back" :

1999 Saturn SW2 + Kamm-Back II Aero-Analysis 2.5MB Re

As I said before, I like the Virtual Kamm-Back because it would mean not having to worry about moving the 3rd brakelight while maintaining almost full rear visibility. It also seemed to compare favorably to the rain-drop Kamm-Back. A nice compromise. I was already thinking along these lines back in February with this image :

Question: Could my Virtual Kamm-Back be "tailored to the program"? What I mean is, could I be making a shape that the program likes?


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