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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I guess I'm fine with either, really. If the vehicle is motionless with a closed throttle, is regen on? Could the pivot for the pedal be raised so you press with your heel to get regen?
You can let Regen go all the way down to zero, in which case the motor will sometimes draw a bit of power if the deceleration is very slow. This is because the motor is acting as a brake to slow down the vehicle. If deceleration is slow, then the power recovered is less than the power needed to feed the stator and the result is a small power loss.

Allows full control with only one pedal (which is quite nice!)

On the other end you can start reducing Regen as the speed goes below a certain point, which should then allow you to safely switch pedals (say 5MPH).

My system is a hybrid. If I am slowly decelerating it will start to reduce at 7MPH so that I can either use the brake or coast till stop. Useful in stop-go traffic.

If I start to press the brake before this speed ramp, the controller commands regeneration until the car is stopped or I release the brake. If the brake is then reapplied below 7MPH it has no effect, only the mechanical brakes are used.

The Regen itself is a bit more complex that what it would seem at first glance
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