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The odometer is the only one I can verify with any real accuracy, though the speedometer looked to also be slightly high vs my GPS unit. I confirmed the GPS against Google Maps:

26.0 miles actual distance + ~2.3% = 26.6 miles indicated on the odometer.

So, I have corrected all my garage log entries. I drove it yesterday (mostly - my spouse did a small part of the driving) and we logged the most miles in a day, so far: 74.4 odo - 2.3% = 72.6888. The charge was 16.87kWh, so this is the best energy efficiency so far, as well. We did drive a bit after dark, and we did use the HVAC a bit as well.

The day included out for breakfast, grocery shopping, dropping off styrofoam recycling, picking up my son at his grandmother's house, picking up some things at my brother's house, driving him to buy a new gaming mouse, and then out for dinner with all four of us.

Not bad for no gasoline at all! We had about 31 miles left on the charge.
Sincerely, Neil
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