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120 Watt Space Heater

I haven't turned on the baseboard electric heat yet and it's almost November. Not feeling warm enough and wishing for some heat at my desk, I came up with a solution. Why heat a whole room when I can just heat the area where I am? I now have a 120 watt floodlight bulb mounted under my desk, aimed at my legs. I'm too warm now, and the room temperature has not gone up. This room is about 1200 cubic feet. The leg area of this metal desk is closed on three sides, so I get all the heat from the bulb. The desk surface warms up nicely too. The 120 watt bulb (reflector style) is a bit too much, the heat from a standard 60 watt bulb isn't even noticeable under the desk.

Silent, no fan kicking up dust and uses 8% of the power my space heater would use!

I'll probably break the light with my knees! I should put a cage around it.


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