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Well i finally managed to get several things on site at the same time.
The engine crane, my father-in-law and myself.

My father-in-law is going to help me with the adaptor plate and shaft coupler. He has access to heavy machining equipment.

We wanted to be able to take measurements of all the pieces and my father-in-law needed to be able to see how it all goes together so that my crazy descriptions could make sense.

After a little bit of struggling we managed to convince the car to release its burden.

The last time i removed a motor from a SB Barina it was super easy but this time there seemed to be something stopping the motor from clearing the bell housing.
In the end we just removed the clutch and pressure plate which cleared the obstruction.
I didn't have to do this last time.
Once the motor was out it was easy to see what the problem was.

The input shaft to the gearbox was different. It was extra long, it protruded well past the bell housing. On the other Barina there was no smooth area to the input shaft just the splined section. It was that extra inch or more that had us tricked. When we thought the clutch should have been well clear it was still entangled with the input shaft.
We think we will cut off this extra length as it is not supported by the crankshaft. The hole in the crankshaft is much larger than this shaft extension.
But for the moment it gives us a nice centre reference that protrudes beyond the flat plane of the bell housing so should hopefully help with getting accurate measurements for the adaptor plate holes.

But at least we got there in the end.

Then we spent a little while measuring everything and working out a strategy for the creation of the adaptor plate and the coupling hub.

But that's for another post.
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