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Originally Posted by xbUser View Post
Oh, my dream is broken~~~. I've got 40.17mpg last time @ costco gas station. Tonight, I fill up again from the gas station I usually go. It drops to 38.84mpg this tank. I believe the pump in Costco stop pumping gas earlier than this station. In average of 2 tanks, it is only 39.48mpg. Still less than 40mpg, but very close...

Both grills were blocked by a plastic film last night. I have run 90 miles already. I can tell the different when going down the hill. It coasts little faster. The cold temp turns off about 0.2 miles earlier in the morning, and the fan is always on when running in town. The weather is still cool today, especially in SF. Tomorrow, I will have a long trip, and come back on Sunday after driving 350miles. Hopefully, no overheat and achieve good mpg.
That's still amazing mileage. I'd kill to get close to 40mpg.
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