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Okay, I know everyone has been dying to know how my PT test went!

Or completely forgot and never cared in the first place. You know, one of the two!

I just followed up with, but if you have not read it, please do not worry about it, which I really do not consider to be in the realm of possibilities.

I set a personal record of fifty-six push-ups, scoring 81/100, did 79 sit-ups, 76 was 100/100, the other three did not count, and I barely passed the run. I was still tired from the push-ups when I did my sit-ups and I was exhausted when I started running!

They changed Army standards just before our last PT test, so our two female Warrant Officers showed up with pony tails. I guess they changed more than that, the last time that I saw one female Soldier she had short hair, but now she has full dreadlocks, so long that she folds them over and they look huge behind her head.

I do not know where the younger Chief was (they were both recently promoted), but the older one tried to keep up with me. I think that she was the slowest runner, but she also may have been the oldest. Everybody wants to start out as far forward as possible, as if it gave them some advantage worth mentioning. Then they take off like in "Hidalgo," faster than they can maintain, and I spend the entire run passing Soldiers. The one with dreadlocks was ahead of me for a very long time. She tried keeping up, but just couldn't. Yay, she still probably had a much better score because men and women are held to different standards for push-ups and running.

It was weird, before the last test our Lieutenant told us that she ran in 16:30 or something and I just wanted to keep her in sight. However, we both ran much faster than that. She also did more push-ups, fifty-five to my forty-seven, but I do not think that she did very well this time. I passed her before too long.

It was weird because I felt so tired after push-ups that I sat down until sit-ups and again until the run. When I finished the two miles, I felt like I was going to collapse and vomit, but I turned around and found our mouthy Private that apparently had an asthma attack. I brought him in, went back, found one of our female Soldiers that probably resented me running with her, and then I went and found our walking Sergeant. That was nice, he needed to walk 2.5 miles in thirty-five minutes or something, that is a little faster than I normally walk, but I was able to keep up without too much effort.

I doubt they appreciated that, either.

I debated wearing my heart rate monitor. If I wore it and failed by a small margin I would feel that the constrictive band had impaired me, but I wanted data. I hit 100% maximum heart rate after about two-thirds of a mile. I did not run very quickly, but it was interesting to look at my watch and think "I am giving 103%!"

I gave myself a week off to eat normal food and not exercise. Unfortunately, I have not exercised this week, either.

When I start up, I think that I will just run intervals.
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