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An award winning car, & worthy competition to the Tesla S.

This is what I want, with the following caveats:
  • I'm starting with a Baja'd hulk. It could look as nice as that Zelectric car but the restoration would cost about $40K. You notice they bought someone else's restoration (probably sold at their loss) and modded it.
  • Did you catch the part about they up-rated the sway bars and shocks? That's because they mounted the batteries way high in the car, in both front and back.
  • The stock speedo, the steering wheel-mounted clock and the electrical guage don't match each other at all. But that's just being picky.

Their build quality, with the powder-coated plate metal, Allen-head bolts and clean electrical wiring is the standard by which I will judge my own work. But I want to get past the hanging a big-a** motor on the stock transaxle. I already have the Lexus MGR. And since I can't afford the full restoration, I can add a boattail with WWI three-color polygon camouflage.
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