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Because its for "classic cars", and "nobody who really cares about their classic uses their car in the winter, when the roads are salted".

In all honesty, its a compromise towards people who have an older, classic car, and who wouldn't run it in the winter anyway. (In other words, the lobby group)
They chose to only give this exception to petrol, because our government is convinced LPG and Diesel are only used by people to drive cheaper, you wouldn't "need it" on a classic car, so no discount for the people who own a classic 4x4 or old mercedes or something else that came with a diesel engine for more torque, and lots of people with classic american cars stripping out their LPG setup, even though gas is 3x the price of LPG.

And the best part is, they wanted to gather like €1 bilion a year extra in tax, but they got like 125 milion extra, because lots of cars got taken off the road to wait it out to 40, or got scrapped because they went from cheap to own, to ridiculously expensive.
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