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Hello everyone!

Here is a quickeee update from my end.

I'm ready to put out rev2 of the resolver driver. Hopefully I've addressed the issues folks brought up. Again - please rip on it; I would rather hear about it now.

Some other improvements I've added -
1) It's a bit smaller and does not overlap the IGBT drivers as much.
2) I've added a 2nd fastener hole with plenty of space around both holes. They are 1" on center 3mm bolt holes. ( I really should dump the old school units - please have some patience with me. ) The bottom hole will fit the current motor controller; the top hole will require some component re-arrangement - perhaps for controller rev2?
3) I've added some power supply filtering and OV protection for both the +5V and +24V supplies. All that stuff (as well as the isolation caps for each IC) has been moved to the bottom.
4) A solid ground plane.

I've also tested all the IC's that I had to change for the design. Both the timer IC and the new power op-amp work excellent - in fact better than the original design.

Here is the circuit board:

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