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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
I finished the smoothing circuit installation yesterday afternoon. The installation was really fairly easy (considering I was able to do it) and the two wires I needed to tap into were right where they were supposed to be. Took maybe an hour for the start-to-finish.

I drove it around for a while after finishing up, and the smoothing function is awesome, I can already see that this will be worth the effort!
Whereas previously the instant mpg meter would be all over the board with every tiny movement of my foot on the gas pedal, now the meter moves slower, and doesn't bottom out so far. It stays rock solid over 100 mpg when I'm cruising, and doesn't fall as far or as fast when I hit the gas. I was at the end of a tank, so after re-fueling I only got to drive it for a tiny bit yesterday, but I averaged 94.6 mpg on the way home. I'll keep you updated, hopefully I'll take it out today, but I'm on vacation this week, so I won't have my usual commute to test it with.
Can you give me a link to this smoother?


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