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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
That looks beautiful!! Nice job! I can't wait to try it out. I love the details of your rounded copper pour edges.

On my end, I've got the UART communication just about done. And added some programmable variables...

current-sensor-amps-per-volt (so you can use any current sensor you want)
max-motor-amps (It's technically only max amps per phase if the motor is Y connected. It's actually max line to line amps, but nobody talks like that. units are real life amperes)
max-battery-amps (max real life amperes that can be pulled from the batteries)
max-regen-battery-amps (max real life amperes that can be put INTO the batteries)

It's mostly done. I've just been sick for the last couple weeks, and haven't gotten much done with it.
Thanks Paul. Hope you get better.

I need to start soldering my board together. I figure I can at least get it running in low voltage/no feedback mode...

Those variables will be very helpful. Perhaps some motor and controller temperature variables would be nice. I guess bus voltage should be ultimately controlled by the BMS; although it would help to give the motor controller some way to deal with it.

- e*clipse
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