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Worth changing gears to imporve Fuel Economy?

So, my question is, Would changing my Mustang's stock 3.27 rear gears to 2.73 increase my fuel economy and by how much possible? I have the scangauge II now and am getting between 24-25MPG this tank so far with 2Gals used. how much MPG increase would this be? Also could I change the driveshaft to Aluminimum to increase FE or would that just hurt FE because it would be lighter and lose momentum fast while coasting? Also I was told that my rear is 7.5" is it possible to increase that to an 8.5" to acheive better FE or does that defeat the purpose as well? I also have a question, which I don't know if this is the same thing but how can I improve acceleration without using 2GPH at 1365RPM when staring off at a dead stop without hitting the accelrator hard at all. Because that is what is really killing my FE from breaking to consistent 26MPG. With the scangaugeII is it possible to limit the amount of gas the throttle intakes at a certain RPM speed. And I know some engines change gears under load, but my Mustang only changes at Certain RPMs say from 0-15 1st gear, then at 1250RPM(21-22MPH) it will switch to 2nd and be at 1000RPM using slightly less fuel. then once it reaches 30MPH at 1500RPM it will switch to third and drop to 1250RPM. Then at 40MPH at 1550RPM it switches to Fourth gear and I'm not sure if 4th gear s OD or not cause it said it's a 4Speed Auto W/OD but around 47MPH I can get 45MPG and on the highway ScangaugeII reprots 33-35MPG at 55MPH. Is there a way to increase FE somehow knowing this like with a tuner or something?

You don't have to answer them all, Even If you know only one answer to this it will be greatly appreciated Thanks

EDIT: I do have a CAI I was looking at threads based on WAI, stock or CAI shouls I keep what I have go back to stock or ge a WAI?????

Finally got my 20% above EPA

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