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Very nice work on the belly pan and that is some pretty good mileage for an EX! Looking forward to seeing pics of the completed full pan.
That 6.0 has sooo much torque on tap there is still a lot of potential for you to get out of it. Going up to a taller tire will effectively reduce you final drive ratio (numerically lower ratio) and if you aren't towing anything even swapping out the rear gears (or the axle housing itself) from the factory 3.73 gears to a 3.55 would increase your MPGs, doing both would be even better! And that PSD shouldn't have any problem at all pulling the load at the lower RPMs. Then there are tuning options if you want to go down that road, most 6.0 issues that are blamed on tuners are typically from tunes to bump up the power. I don't think you would be inviting trouble working with a good shop to write a max MPG tune for your rig and I think some decent gains could be made. Does your usage allow for any amount of suspension lowering? If so a couple of inches drop would help, is your belly pan even with your bumper's lower factory air dam? Maybe lowering the air dam would help a little but unsure how that will play with the full belly pan.
I tow an 11k lbs travel trailer with an '05 EX V-10 so I am very familiar with how hard it can be to squeeze MPGs out of these wagons. My EX has a 4" lift from a modded X/B spring swap, 35"s, 4.88 gears, Banks headers and custom tunes from 5Star, What little solo running I do with it nets about 12.5 MPG and my towing average has been 8.5 to 9 MPG with a best yet of 9.26 MPG this past Summer in New England, prior to the mods I was seeing 6.5 to 7 MPGs towing.
You are doing great so far keep up the good work!
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