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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
I p&g always. Uphill may give a very short glide, so short I may not bother to eoc. Downhill is a nice long glide. But I'm still working the p&g cycle throughout. As the climb gets steeper, the glide gets shorter and shorter, until the point where there is no glide, and I'm at my target load/tps in a steady climb. I don't adjust that load, just the duration of the pulses and glides.

I don't have a specific BSFC chart for my car, just a "feel" for it based on the progress of my trip mpg with various approaches.
That is how I used to do it too. If you ever drive the 1.0L, things are quite a bit different. I just got back from a lunch meeting and on my highway (55 mph) trip home with some headwind, I had that MAP pegged at 10.5 pretty much the whole way. I let my speed fluctuate and I never got above 60 mph. I only got to coast a few places in the ~10 miles or so. Once I got off the highway, things were quite different. On my trip there things were quite different and I was P&Ging quite a bit.
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