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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
Because the throttle is commanding torque is there a possibility of the spinning wheel RPM increasing to dangerous levels as the controller tries to bring the torque up to the requested level? Not easily achieved on a slipping/spinning wheel. I am thinking of one wheel on ice sort of situation. Even in a single motor situation on ice would the controller keep the rpm under control?
This is just a theoretical question for me, living in Australia the only ice i ever see is in my drink.
That is pretty much what happens with an ICE powered vehicle. One wheel slips and since the engine only has a gas pedal for input the RPM goes up. The driver knows what is up and releases the gas pedal, if not the engine can grenade or in the case of a rev limiter it just hovers at it's top RPM range.

Unless you were trying to make some form of traction control there would be little reason to do anything but back off of the throttle. Even with an electric motor the RPMs are unlikely to climb so fast that it catches you by surprise. Unless you were dumb enough to push in the clutch and not release the throttle in which case either ICE or electric would do the same thing. Boom

And besides I thought the controller already had a rev limiter built in?

Traction control would be nice and since most new vehicles already have anti-lock sensors at each wheel getting feed back for the RPM of each wheel is pretty straight forward. But you still need a way to get power to the wheel with a grip on the road and make the other stop spinning.

I would just install a Detroit locker, or an air locker, or power lock or some other form of mechanical traction device and just drive flat track style. Driving a vehicle in adverse conditions without the proper gear is asking for trouble anyway. You should see all the dorks here in the NW trying to deal with what little snow we have.

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