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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
You might want to get LeafSpy and a Bluetooth OBDII unit and check out the battery cells. But you are not in a hot area, so they probably are fine. Check the Leaf Forum for (a lot of!) information on this.

Do they both have the Level 3 quick chargers? Do they both have the navigation system? I think that is required for CarWings to work.
I checked out the car tonight. Upon turning the car on, the battery gauge displayed all but 3 or 4 bars of charge, and a 65 mile range.

It has CarWings, NAV, backup camera, and a solar panel in the spoiler. It also has the level 2 charger and quick charger. The tires were changed to 17" low profile, the windows are tinted, and the car had a sound system installed. This indicates it was owned by a younger man. It still has Arkansas plates, so that's where it has mostly lived. I'm not sure how hot it is there, or how hard it is on the battery.

The downside is it's cold in the PNW, and I need to run the heater all the time. The 2011 doesn't have an efficient heater, and just uses electric grid heating. No heated seats or steering wheel.

I'm wondering how hard it would be to retrofit my own heated seats?

I can probably get the car for $11,400 but I don't know if that's a good price. My hesitation is that several exciting cars are set to release in the next couple years that have much better efficiency, range, and styling.
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