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During testing I have also lost one plug in wheelcover assembly. It came off from a cover where the holes werent drilled so straigth compared to the zipties incoming direction. I will shoot a hubcap assebly video today to show how to do it.

I have tested my hubcap assebly to 160 km/h 100MPH speeds with 4 plugs used in the assembly.

If the holes arent in rigth place and specially it the hubcaps dont center themself to the wheel. You need to be extra careful in the assembly:

- Tighthen the plugs litlle by little. To get the hubcap fixed to center of the wheel
- Make sure the locking teeth is facing against the zipties body. This way you know that there is some tension in the ziptie. If it is not touching the tail your connection is not secured properly
- One plug can handle 10 kg of pulling force so they dont break in the assebly phase specially in hubcap assembly.

Some pictures to clear that description:

"enough tension"

Same in video format:

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