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Originally Posted by adam728 View Post
Sadly, I've seen worse.

The tiny lines are vacuum lines, but I dont know what for. I would strongly suggest replacing them.
Yea they are to the emissions system, I'll be buying vacuum line tomorrow and fixing it.

Originally Posted by darcane View Post
I've seen worse as well. It's amazing how bad they can get and still run.

Bad cap/rotor on a fox body reminds me of my friend's old mustang. He bought an '86 SVO and was showing it off to me. He got on it a bit and it instantly died! We pulled over and popped the hood... The rotor had exploded! Pieces of the cap and rotor were everywhere. I think it was just caused by a loose screw on the rotor and an new cap and rotor and it was good to go.
LOL! I don't know about his, but mine was showing clear signs something was wrong. It was missing really bad, wouldn't Downshift right, slew of other things. Now that I replaced it, I barely have to touch the throttle to get it to Downshift, and it's running way better in pretty much every way. Tomorrow I'm clean the mass airflow sensor, throttle body and IAC. Then it's onto 3.73 rear end, 5-lug conversion and completely new suspension from the ground up.

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