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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
... first, then ... then .... 1,600$ yea...
It's easier and cheaper to plan it all out and try to hit em all at the same time.
Is there a whole rear end assembly from another mustang or other car, that you can swap in that would already have the ratio, lugs, and brakes? Changing or modifying any rear suspension components becomes ridiculously easy when there's no rear end in the way.

My 3rd gen camaro had different front and rear wheel offsets, and a limited 2.77 that performed like an open. So I got a new gear ratio, limited slip that actually worked, and right width for a common whell off set, and it all had 1/4 the miles for $500 At the same time I put in subframe connectors, which boxed in and welded to the rear control arm mounts, replaced the control arms, custom boxed in the panhard rod mount, replaced the panhard rod, and had I wanted to, the springs were already out.

But yea, it was still just a money pit. Streetbikes, dirtbikes, racing modded up quads... We're all much better ROI in terms of fun to burning cash ratio IMO
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