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Originally Posted by Cyruscosmo View Post
If you were to put two ICE's back to back and run there outputs through a gear reduction and then out to one wheel each you could effectively steer the car by throttle alone.

By “simple” I mean gears, electronics and code are not simple to me, they are more like voodoo. There is a device that is called The Gleason Torsen. Gleason's Impossible Differential I know at least three people who run these and have nothing bad to say about them.

When I get hold of one of those MGR's I will disassemble it and take the spool to my buddies shop and see what kind of traction device will work in it. He runs NW differential which specializes in running gear repair and up grades.

Yes it is true and that can happen but what a lot of people did not know with the limited slip differentials is that they “required” a special additive to keep the components from chattering and causing that problem. The other differential device Chevy used worked with a set of spinning weights. When one axle over ran the other it caused the spiders to lock. I never did like driving those because they did weird things.

Makes perfect sense to me.

I guess I'll have to say what I'm proposing is definitely experimental and NOT for the average driver who can barely handle a manual transmission. This car will be running a dual master cylinder, no power brakes setup and a "Miyata" mod manual steering setup as well. I'm going to spend a lot of time in gravel parking lots and maybe even the local dirt track before I begin to trust it. After I am able to tune it to neutral behavior, I'm going to play with that steering effect - I think that could be extremely positive. Think about autocrossing or driving the car at the traction limit with the power HELPING you through the corner.

I do really like those Torsen differentials. In fact, I have one waiting to be installed in the front of my truck. I'm trying to find one for the rear as well.

I'm having a meeting with our local drivetrain guy to see about spooling the MGR and what half-shaft options I have. It's funny, when I was describing this project, he said "You're not doing some weird military thing, are you?"

I'm very interested what your buddy has to say about this. Would some pics and dimensions of the guts (specifically the differential) help?


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