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Craigslist ad.

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
$11,400 was the buy out on a 3 year lease. Ask them to fully charge the battery to see if it will still get all 12 bars.

I wonder why KBB, Clearbook, and Edmunds all say the car is worth more? People on Craigslist almost never list things below KBB.

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Another heating solution that is probably going to use just 20-30W per person is to wear a heated (motorcycle) vest with a thermostat, plugged into the auxiliary power outlet.
Hah, that was my first thought after driving the car last night. There is no way I'm going to get my wife to do that. She already hates the idea of plugging in the car every trip.

I looked up how to install a seat heater last night and it is cheap and relatively easy.

It annoys me that Nissan not only used resistive heating, but combined it with a water loop. Electric heating should be instantaneous, but they figured out a way to make you wait for heat as if you were driving an ICE.

I'm leaning away from purchasing the vehicle since it's unclear where I'm going to live in Portland. There is a good chance we will be renting, and most places only have street parking. I can't snake an extension cord over a public sidewalk, and some bum would probably steal it anyhow.

If the price isn't something spectacular, then I'll just hold out to see where I end up living.
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